đŸŸĸBuy Limit Order

(intent of buying an available project)

2) Identify the project you would like to buy. Click Buy

3) Click the Token Price field. Input your desired token price. Make sure to check the Current price field

4) Click the Token Amount field. Input your desired amount of tokens to buy. Make sure to check Maximum Balance field

5) Click USDT / USDC or DAI to select the stablecoin that you'd like to pay with

6) Click the + icon if you would like to increase the time in which your listing expires

7) Click Next step

8) Check the listing summary and accept the disclaimer

9) Click on Buy

10) After a seller is found navigate to https://app.legion.ventures/my-listings

In the future, you'll be notified when a seller is found

11) Click Make Transaction

12) Click Buy

13) Approve the USDT/USDC/DAI spending in MetaMask and confirm the transaction in MetaMask

Congratulations, you have successfully bought the allocation,

14) Navigate to https://app.legion.ventures/portfolio to check your allocations

Fields and Actions

  • Project Name: The investment opportunity the user is interested in.

  • Maximum Balance: Shows the maximum number of tokens available for purchase.

  • Current Price: Indicates the current trading price of the token.

  • Token Price: The price per token the user is willing to pay.

  • Token Amount: Number of tokens the user wants to buy.

  • Total Cost: Automatically calculated based on the token price and amount.

  • Pay in: Choice of currency for the transaction, such as USDT, USDC, or DAI.

  • Expire In: The duration the listing will remain active, with a maximum limit.

  • Amount: The specific or percentage amount of the project the user is willing to buy.

  • Buying Price: The price the user is offering to pay.

  • Expires: When the offer will expire.

  • Disclaimer Agreement: A checkbox to confirm that the user has read and agrees to the terms.

  • Buy Now: Finalizes the creation of the WTB listing upon agreement.

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