❔Why Legion

Despite the immense, life-changing potential of Web3.0 investments that have surged in popularity in recent years, many individuals still face significant barriers in accessing these coveted opportunities.

Top Quality Investments

Founded in 2021, Legion has established a strong reputation with over 160 investments, nearly $13M deployed, and over $9M distributed. Our notable investments include Peaq Network, Sei, LayerZero, io.net, and Celestia.

Trust & Security

Our platform serves over 14,300 users, has generated $100K+ in the Community Fund, and facilitated $130K+ in OTC trading volume. We've attracted a significant following with 77K+ Twitter followers and 17.3M post impressions. With top-tier security, no fund management issues, and a unique OTC marketplace, we provide secure, user-friendly access to early-stage investments.

We envision a groundbreaking economic model that integrates advanced economic concepts with Web3 technology, creating a circular protocol where value benefits and returns to the community.

Extra utility

Legion partners with select Web3 communities to enhance NFT utility and floor prices through incentivized holding, offering attractive investment opportunities and outstanding ROIs. Early-stage investing has consistently been a reliable path to financial independence. We create community-specific pools, giving token holders from our partner communities exclusive access to our investment opportunities as long as they hold an NFT from one of our partners, or if they are members of the partnered communities.

Joint Marketing activities

Our partnered communities benefit from regular social media exposure on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and other joint marketing activities, boosting their growth and expanding their number of holders. By staking $LEGION tokens, partners receive passive income through our automatic revenue share mechanism, attractive APR, and discounted fees on OTC trading within the Legion Platform.

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