1. What is Legion?

  • Legion Ventures is a Web3.0 Investment & OTC Platform that democratizes investment access for retail traders.

2. What is Legion's circular economy model?

  • Legion's circular economy involves revenue-share payouts, deflationary buy-backs, and rewards & incentive programs.

3. How is the Legion Community Fund governed?

  • The Community Fund is governed by NFT holders through the Council.

4. What is the role of Legion's NFT Collection?

  • The NFT Collection provides exclusive access to high-quality allocations, discounted fees, revenue share, and governance rights.

5. What is the utility of the $LEGION token?

  • $LEGION is used to pay transaction fees, reduce platform fees, and earn rewards and passive income.

6. Can users trade allocations on Legion's platform?

  • Yes, users can trade allocations on Legion's OTC marketplace for liquidity and flexibility.

7. What are the benefits of Legion's NFT tiers?

  • NFT tiers include Primus, Centuri, Principa, and Tirones, each offering unique benefits and privileges.

8. How can users join Legion's Council?

  • To join the Council, users must hold at least 1 NFT, lock a minimum of 0.1% of the total $LEGION supply, and be eligible for a voting process.

9. How does Legion handle loss coverage in the Community Fund?

  • The Community Fund can cover losses from unsuccessful investments, ensuring responsible fund management.

10. How does the Legion DAO handle proposals?

  • The DAO, governed by NFT holders, proposes changes and initiatives in the community's best interest.

11. How can users stake $LEGION tokens?

  • Users can stake $LEGION tokens to unlock extra discounts on platform fees and become eligible for revenue share.

12. How many NFTs are in the Legion Collection?

13. How does Legion handle the burning mechanism for $LEGION tokens?

  • Using $LEGION tokens to pay fees automatically burns the tokens, contributing to a continuous deflationary mechanism.

14. What is the expected date for Legion's Token Generation Event (TGE)?

  • The TGE is expected in May.

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