The Explore page is a marketplace interface where users can view and interact with available buy and sell orders for different projects.

Order Listings

  • Event: Indicates whether the listing is for buying or selling.

  • Item: The name of the project or asset available for trade.

  • Current Token Price: The latest market price of the token.

  • Asking Price: The price that the seller is asking for, often expressed as a percentage above or below the current token price.

  • Token Amount: The number of tokens involved in the transaction.

  • Total Cost: The overall value of the tokens for sale or purchase.

  • Offered Price: The price at which a buyer is willing to purchase the tokens, if applicable.

  • Negotiable: Shows whether the asking price is open to negotiation.

  • Expire In: The time remaining before the order expires.

  • Status: Indicates the availability of the order.

  • Actions: Buttons for "Buy" or "Make Offer" that users can click to proceed with a transaction.

User Interaction

  • Users can filter the listings based on whether they want to buy or sell.

  • Clicking on "Buy" will initiate the process to purchase tokens at the listed price.

  • Clicking on "Sell" will initiate the process to sell tokens at the listed price.

  • "Make Offer" allows users to propose a different price than what's listed, starting a negotiation process with the seller.

  • Pagination at the bottom of the page allows users to navigate through multiple listings.

  • A dropdown to select the number of rows per page helps in customizing the view.

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