Delete an Offer

This modal is used to delete an existing offer

1) Navigate to to check your offers

2) Click Delete Offer

3) Click Delete

Congratulations, the offer has been successfully deleted.

Fields and actions

  • Project Name: Displays the name of the project for which the tokens are being offered.

  • Current Price: Shows the current market value of the tokens.

  • Asking Price: Lists the price that the current listing user is asking for the tokens, along with the percentage above or below the current price.

  • Listing User: The identifier or username of the user who listed the tokens.

  • Token Amount: Number of tokens that are being offered in the listing.

  • Total Cost: The total value of the tokens at the asking price.

  • Pay in: Option for the user to select the preferred currency for the transaction (USDT, USDC, DAI).

  • Your Offer: An input field for the user to propose a new price per token.

  • Offer Total Cost: Automatically calculated field that updates based on the user's offer and the token amount.

  • Sell: A button that, once clicked, submits the user's offer to the listing party. Despite the label "Sell," in the context of making an offer, this would typically mean "submit" or "make offer."


  • Users should carefully consider their offer, as this will initiate a negotiation with the listing user.

  • It is advisable to review the current market conditions and the potential value of the tokens before making an offer.

  • Users must agree to any terms and conditions associated with making an offer as indicated by the platform.

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