• Total Investment: The total amount of money that the user has invested through the platform.

  • Assets Worth: The current market value of the user's investments.

  • Performance: A percentage indicating the overall performance of the investments since their inception.

  • Unlocked Value: The portion of the user's investment that is available for withdrawal or trading.

  • Locked Value: The portion of the user's investment that is currently tied up in projects and cannot be immediately accessed.


  • Project: The name of the investment project.

  • Balance: The quantity of tokens or shares the user holds in each project.

  • Current Token Price: The current market price per token or share.

  • Value Locked: The value of the user’s investment that is locked in each project.

  • Value Unlocked: The value of the user’s investment that can be liquidated or is available for trade.

  • Performance: Indicates the performance of each individual investment, usually as a percentage reflecting gains or losses.

  • Sell Now: Buttons to quickly initiate the sale of investments directly from the dashboard.


  • Event: The type of transaction (e.g., buy, sell).

  • Item: The name of the token or project involved in the transaction.

  • Token Amount: The number of tokens or shares bought or sold.

  • Total Cost: The total value of the transaction.

  • From: The sender's address or account.

  • To: The recipient's address or account.

  • Time: When the transaction took place.

  • See All Transactions: A link or button to view a detailed transaction history.

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