The Projects section provides a comprehensive view of various investment opportunities available on the platform, detailing their current status and allowing users to interact with each project.


  • Project Card: Each project is presented as a card with key information such as the project's name, its status (Not Launched, Live, Distributing, Completed), and actions available (Buy, Sell, Claim, Invest).

  • Project Status: Indicates the phase of the project, allowing users to filter projects based on their investment preferences.

  • Token Information: Details the price at which tokens are being offered and the current market price, providing insight into potential investment value.

Actions and Buttons

  • Claim: Allows users to claim tokens or returns from a project.

  • Buy/Sell: Enables the purchase or sale of tokens within the project.

  • Invest: Offers an option to contribute funds to ongoing projects.

Project Details

  • Overview: A detailed description of the selected project, explaining its purpose, technology, and key features.

  • Key Attributes: Highlights important aspects of the project, such as interoperability, consensus mechanisms, and unique selling points.

  • Team and Advisors: Information about the people behind the project, including their experience and roles.

  • Partners and Investors: Displays logos or names of affiliated companies or individuals who have invested in or are partners with the project.

  • Roadmap: A visual timeline showing past and future milestones, providing users with an idea of the project's development and plans.

  • Social Links: Directs users to the project’s social media channels for further engagement and updates.

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