Modify Orders

This modal allows users to adjust the details of an existing listing (order) they have created.

2) Identify the order (listing) you would like to edit. Click Edit

3) Edit the details Token Price, Token Amount of your listing

4) You can increase or decrease the expiry date by selecting + or -

5) If your listed order is a sell order, you can make the listing Negotiable. Or you can remove the Negotiable feature of your listing.

6) Click on Modify Listing

Congratulations, all the changes have been submitted.

Fields and Actions

  • Balance: Displays the current balance of tokens the user has in the project.

  • Token Price: Enables editing of the price per token the user is willing to pay.

  • Token Amount: Allows adjustment of the number of tokens the user wants to buy.

  • Pay in: Option to change the currency for the transaction.

  • Expire In: Adjusts the duration the listing will remain active.

  • Modify Listing: Saves the changes to the existing listing.

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