• Symbol: $LEGION

  • Supply:

  • Chain: ERC20


  • pay transaction fees instead of paying in stablecoins (tokens will be burned)

  • reduce platform fees when buying or selling an allocation

  • earn rewards for participation, learning and promotion

  • eligible to earn passive income from the Community Fund through staking

  • continuous burning mechanism generated by buying back the tokens from the market & burning them using the revenue generated by the OTC trading fees

Transaction Fees - OTC Trading

Trading on https://app.legion.ventures/ requires paying a fee. The fee can be paid either by using stablecoins or by using the $LEGION token. The $LEGION token will provide the most value as it unlocks the highest discount amount. - Paying the fees using $LEGION tokens will give you a discount - Staking your $LEGION tokens will add an extra discount based on your tier

- Staking your $LEGION tokens will also make you automatically eligible for revenue share from the $Community Fund The $LEGION tokens used for paying the fee will be automatically burned, thus providing a continuous burning mechanism that will reduce the fixed supply of the $LEGION token.

USDC / USDT and DAI stablecoins on Ethereum and BSC are used for investments and trading.


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