đŸŸĸBuy Tokens

The buy modal is used to buy a specified amount of tokens at a chosen asking price from the marketplace.

The difference between this modal and the Buy Limit Order is that the order is already placed by an existing seller at his chosen asking price

2) Identify the listing you are going to buy. Click Buy

3) Click USDT or any of your preferred stablecoin to pay with (BUDS/DAI)

4) Click Buy

5) Approve USDT spending by clicking Next

6) Approve and confirm the transaction

Congratulations, the buy order has been successfully filled. Navigate to https://app.legion.ventures/portfolio and check your allocation.

Fields and Actions

  • Project Name: The name of the project whose tokens are being sold.

  • Current Token Price: Displays the current market price per token.

  • Asking Price: The price per token the seller is requesting, often shown as a multiplier of the current token price.

  • Listing User: Shows the identifier or username of the seller.

  • Token Amount: The quantity of tokens the seller wants to sell.

  • Total Cost: Automatically calculated based on the asking price and the token amount.

  • Get Paid In: The currency in which the seller wishes to receive payment.

  • Buy: Finalizes and buys the tokens on the platform.

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