🌐Overview - Tiers

Legion is powered by the $LEGION utility token and the NFT Collection.

Circular Economy

Our token economics form a truly closed-loop economy that perpetually generates value for the platform and its users. Unlike most platforms, all gains created by the running of the platform (both transaction fees and investment revenue) are circulated back into the system while rewarding a loyal user base.

Value will flow into the economy primarily through:

  • platform transaction fees on all trade and investment transactions (5% for trading and 10% for investing)

  • revenue from the Community and LV Fund

Value will only leave the economy in one of three ways:

  1. revenue-share payout to NFT and $LEGION token holders

  2. a deflationary buy-back and burn mechanism from the OTC Trading fees

  3. rewards & incentive programs

Community Fund

The Investment Fees (5%) will go to the Community Fund as Platform fees, and will receive 50% of all revenue generated by investing in the projects on the Legion platform. The OTC Trading Fees will 100% be dedicated to buying & burning the $LEGION token, creating a deflationary supply. More trades -> more fees -> more $LEGION burnt.

The Community Fund is governed by the NFT holders through the Council.

Initially, The Community Fund will start distributing the revenue back to holders. Once the Council has been formed, it can change the use of funds for other purposes. A few examples are listed below: - Cover the loss of any failed investment, - Invest in new projects, - Extra buyback and burn of $LEGION tokens or LV NFTs etc.

Democratised Access How to Invest

The Legion platform offers vetted, early-stage deal flow and a marketplace for unlisted airdrops. Everyone will be able to trade, while NFT holders can also invest and participate in future governance, with voting power proportionate to their NFT holdings.

Sell Some/All of Your Investment at Any Time How to Trade

Historically, it has been challenging for the average investor to maintain liquidity while their funds are deployed and awaiting a return, often for many years. Upon investing, you can trade parts or your total investment to willing buyers, always ensuring liquidity.

Transaction-Based, Self-Sustaining Economics

This is a transactional tokenomics model, where value accrues to the platform and, ultimately, to the token and NFT holders. Transaction fees will enable the platform to grow and reward a loyal user base for their contributions and performance.

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